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Ware Foundation

Application Process

How to apply for a grant from the Ware Foundation

  1. Letter
  2. Plan
  3. Backup
  4. Board review
  5. Interview
  6. Proposal approved or declined.
  7. Grant dispersion

1. Write a letter
Please prepare and submit a letter (no more than two pages) outlining the project. Be specific as to the needs you are filling, why funding is important and how funding from the Ware Foundation is to be used. For smaller grants – under $5,000 – a letter may be all that is required in addition to backup material requested below. An introduction or reference from someone we know is helpful.

2. Provide a plan
If we respond with a notice of interest please prepare and forward a full proposal and strategic plan which should include the following. Use this as a guide:

  • A cover sheet, table of contents, information about your organization, key contacts – numbers, email, website as available. Present status – history to date or if you are a new organization explain what makes you sure of success.
  • Plan – topic guide
    • Contents: Operational plan, strategy, goals, results expected, benchmarks (what will be achieved and when), how results can be measured, financial projections, timelines, development plan, marketing, situational analysis, current resources; why a grant request, what needs you are addressing, funding timetable, organizational structure, biographies, references, other sources of funds. Financial projections.

3. Reference material

  • 501c3 IRS letter – non profit.
  • Three references including one from your bank if available
  • Past financials if not a new project. Provide a financial overview if new.

4. Board review

  • Applicant may be contacted for clarification.

5. Interview with a Board member

6. Proposal approved or declined.

7. Grant issued.

For large grants, the process could take up to six months from receipt of letter to approval. Smaller projects are reviewed more quickly. It is important to mention the time requirement for your request in your communications with the Foundation

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